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What Are Sliding Doors | Know Everything About Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors

Definition Of Sliding Doors

If a panel slides on a track, it is called a Sliding door. There can be multiple tracks & multiple panels depending on the design. Doors are directly mounted on floors & fixed in the roof from the top. If the bottom track is not submerged, you will always see a tuck at the floor, creating hindrance while passing through that door. In sliders, we can get two types of openings, either 50% or 66%, depending upon the design selected.

Design Of Sliding Doors

There can be multiple design options concerning how many tracks you have selected. There are majorly three types of offerings available in the market: two tracks, three-tracks & four-track. In the future, we can put panels in combinatorics, like two tracks with either 2 panels or four panels, similarly 3 tracks with either 3 panels or 6 panels, and so on. An additional option of putting a mesh panel is also feasible. Every design gives you a different type of opening. For example, if you have an opening of 3 meters in width, then let’s put each design individually.

If you put a sliding door of 2 tracks with 2 panels, you will get 50% opening, i.e., 1.5 meters, whereas if we select a sliding door with 3 tracks & 3 panels, then we get 66% opening, i.e., 2 meters. In the above scenario, we must take care of two essential points. One is the maximum possible width & second is price impact. Before proceeding with the negotiation, please check the maximum width possible in panels with the company & material of the window you are dealing with. Three track system is always costlier than 2 track. So, select wisely whether you want to compromise on opening size or cost. Four-track systems are not so readily used. It needs big sizes.

Benefits Of Sliding Doors

Earlier, it was not possible to make sliders in wooden material, but nowadays, all the materials available in the market have strong sliding systems and wood. Most of the products inside any house consist of sliders, be it an apartment or bungalow. There are two direct reasons – One, it takes much less space in width, a maximum of 6-8 inches, and secondly, it doesn’t let you compromise on your view outside, which means we can have huge panels in sliders concerning the casement. There is one indirect reason – It is cheaper for every fraternity builder, customer & architect concerning the casement system.

Performance Of Sliding Doors

All the sliding systems available in the market come with many performance features such as noise reduction, air tightness, water tightness & resistance toward wind load. Values of each system vary from others. You have to identify your requirements, and then accordingly, you must proceed with product or brand selection.

Costing Of Sliding Doors

Although costing of sliders hovers in a considerable span which starts from 600 to 6000 Rs. Per sqft. Costing of the sliders depends on the material of the product, brand, size of the product & glass selected. On average, we can use glass starting from 5 mm in thickness & can go up to 32 mm. 

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Founder, TGF

Founder, TGF

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