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About TheGoldenFrames

We are a team of professionals who possess experience in this industry for more than a decade. The Founder of TGF have gained product knowledge in India & overseas as well. The Founder has worked in some of India’s finest organizations as well as with few world’s leading brands.

Birth of TGF – So this website is basically for end customers. During the course of service tenure, founder came across a number of very basic questions which usually customers used to have but there were only few in the market to answer those questions accurately. Also finding the correct person for getting those answers was also a big time challenge. Couple of times just for the sake of giving answers many sales representatives or companies used to give wrong or incomplete answers to the customer which lead towards selection of the wrong product. Henceforth the founder thought of creating a platform where the end customer can get answers to all the questions which he or she has in mind before selecting the product.

Mission – Our mission is just to create awareness in the market & bring this knowledge to every single individual who is going for listed product selection. Bring a fair game in the market among all big & small players. Make the end customer more confident, knowledgeable & vigilant enough to take decisions on its own.

You can get in touch with us anytime. If you have any query regarding the content of the website or to advertise on it send us an email on the below mail id –