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How To Save Energy And Money From Your Windows | Learn 3 Effective Factors To Save Energy & Money

How To Save Energy And Money From Your Windows

Usually, we procure windows & doors to cover the openings of our house. We have never thought nor are we aware that we can save both energy & money from our windows and doors. By selecting the perfect windows for your house, you can save energy & accordingly, money for your home. This fact might look a bit crazy, but it’s true. A perfect selection of glasses also plays a vital role in financial savings. Do read the complete post down to know how to save energy and money from your windows.

Learn 3 Effective Factors To Save Energy & Money From Your Windows

There are a top three points which you must take care of while making the selection of windows –

1. The Altitude Of Your House

An appropriate example can convey the importance of altitude in the house. We change our clothes as per the weather outside. For instance, if it’s too hot, we will wear cotton clothes & if it’s too cold out, we will wear woollen clothes. So it has to be followed in windows too.

The location of your house plays a significant role when selecting windows for your dream house. Every type of window has unique features, be it Upvc, Aluminium, MS or wood. The demand for windows in hilly areas like Himachal & Uttarakhand will be quite different from that of coastal areas like Kerala. The need for windows in hot pockets like Rajasthan, Delhi & Gujarat will be pretty different from humid regions such as the North East, where they see rain almost annually.

Similarly, glass also plays a very crucial role depending upon the location. It all depends upon the u value of the product. Accordingly, it will reduce the consumption of AC or heater as applicable. And if you can reduce the electricity consumption of your AC or heater, you can save both energy and money from your windows.

2. Position Of Sunrise

Is your house facing east or west? You might wonder what the relevance is between daylight and your windows. But there is an excellent connection between your windows & the position of sunrise or sunset concerning saving energy & money. When the sun rises in the east, that sunlight benefits our house & we must welcome them with open hands. Still, post noon, the intensity of heat increases & the portion of your house facing the west side must have performance glass, Low-E Glass, or reflective glass.

These performance glasses are very effective since they cut down the amount of intensity of sunlight & hence will help in saving your consumption of electricity for Air conditioning. Using performance glass on the east side is not recommended, but if you want to control the sunlight, you can use either curtains or blinds whenever needed.

3. Climatic Zone Of Your Area

Here, the climatic zone is the variance in temperature observed across the year. Apart from extreme north & northeast average temperature difference is 35 degrees to 45 degrees which means an average maximum temperature goes up to 40-45 degrees. At a minimum, it goes up to 0 degrees. Since every product on our earth has the property of expansion & contraction as per its composition. Similarly, the makers of these products also possess these properties. Be it MS, UPVC, Wood or Aluminum.

Thermal expansion is always measured as the coefficient λ = (µm)/(m∙K). For more clear understanding, let’s put it like this, In the case of UPVC, if we heat it at 40 Degrees Celsius, it can expand up to 2.4 cm, whereas if a piece of Aluminium is at -20 Degrees Celsius & it’s heated upto 30 Degree Celsius then we will observe an increase of 3 mm on a total length of 2700, so it means from 2700 it will increase up to 2703 mm.

Among all the metals, Aluminium has the highest coefficient of thermal expansion with a value of 23, whereas wood ranges between 5 to 9. Glass also possesses a low thermal expansion coefficient of approx. 6.7. So, after deep diving into the thermal expansion of different materials, you can decide what material to choose per your locality. And if you select the perfect window for your house, you will only save a lot on the initial investment.

Please let us know if you need assistance buying or selecting windows or doors for your house. Hope you find these factors significant and next time you will save energy and money from your windows by making the correct selection for your home.

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Founder, TGF
Founder, TGF

Founder, TGF

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