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How to Select Best Mosquito Mesh for Your House: A Complete Guide

How to Select Best Mosquito Mesh for Your House: A Complete Guide

Hello, readers! TGF welcomes you to another useful blog on mosquito mesh. This blog covers all detailed information about how to select best mosquito mesh for your house. If you want to know anything more related to types of doors or windows, you can contact us, and we will surely assist you with the best of our knowledge and experience.

This blog is for those who have already selected their doors & windows and now they are confused in selecting the perfect mesh for your house.

There are basically two parameters that can help you in selecting the best mosquito mesh for your house –

1. Design of doors or windows

While selecting the best mosquito mesh for your house, the design of your doors or windows plays a very important role. For every specific design of doors or windows, there are few suggested designs of mosquito mesh. We will suggest mosquito mesh for every basic possible design –

a. For Slider Doors

If you have big slider doors, then it’s better to go for concealed pleated mesh always so that the beauty of the outside view remains intact. On the counterpart, companies from whom you are buying these slider doors also have the option of mesh panels.

b. For sliding windows

There are again two options for sliding windows; either you can install pleated mesh or you can install mesh panels as well. Maximum companies give offerings which are inclusive of mesh panels. You can decide whether you wish to go with mesh panels or pleated mesh. This further depends upon the location of the window, which will be covered in the later portion of the blog.

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c. For Casement windows

Pull-down mesh is the best option for casement windows always. This is a retrofit mechanism, so you need to consult this separately post-installation of the windows. If you wish to select or opt for mesh for casement windows during the time of selection of windows, then usually they have an option of casement mesh only. Few companies buy pull-down mesh from the local market and sell it in their names.

We would always request to go for pull down instead of casement mesh because there is no point in wasting space both for windows and mesh. We have explained in detail about pull-down mesh in our previous blogs.

d. For Casement doors

Since old times we have seen mesh doors similar to the casement doors installed at our houses. Again in this case, few companies may offer you a mesh panel which is similar to casement doors, maybe swinging in some different orientation but then also it is a waste of space.

So it’s better to go for concealed pleated mesh so that the look & beauty of your product remains as it is.

e. For awning windows

In these windows also again you have two options; either you can go for mesh panels which come as casement mesh otherwise you can go for pull-down mesh.

Since nowadays there is a trend of minimalistic, so we recommend going with pull-down mesh for all awning windows.

f. For Slide and Fold or Lift and Slide

In this type of door, the panels usually stack on one side of the frame either inside or outside depending on which company you have bought these doors. So in that case, it’s better to go for motorized screens since the panel sizes are quite big so going with any other option will ruin both the beauty of the product as well as the view outside. This option of motorized screen is also better for lift and slide as well because of bigger panel sizes.

2. Location of door or windows –

This is another important factor on the basis of which you can decide which is the best mosquito mesh for your doors or windows. Location plays a vital role in the selection of the type of mesh.

a. For Living room or park facing hall

If you are selecting mesh for your living room or any park facing door, then you should go for pleated mesh because the beauty of the product as well as your house matters a lot. Motorized screens are also a better option than pleated mesh.

b. For your kids’ room

Mesh panels are always the best option because they are safe & easy to operate. Since the panel of mesh slides almost on the same track on which the glass panel slides, the operation becomes quite easy.

c. For your bedroom

Mesh panel is the best option but one can opt for pleated mesh as well as per their need or specific requirement.

d. For your kitchen or washroom

Normally, in washrooms or sometimes in kitchens, people prefer to install awning windows. For all such small awning or casement windows, a pull-down mesh is the best option.

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Founder, TGF

Founder, TGF

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