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Unveiling the Rise: uPVC Windows – How It Became Popular

Unveiling the Rise: uPVC Windows - How It Became Popular

Hello, readers! TGF welcomes you to another interesting blog on uPVC windows. This blog covers all detailed information about uPVC windows – how they became popular. If you want to know anything more related to types of doors or windows, you can contact us, and we will surely assist you with the best of our knowledge and experience.

The Rise of uPVC Windows

Unveiling the Rise: uPVC Windows - How It Became Popular

uPVC windows became very popular in the late ’90s and early 2000s. It was a new term in India in the windows industry, although European countries were quite pro towards uPVC windows, and those countries were best suited for these products.

How uPVC windows became popular – In India during the early 2000s, uPVC windows’ price was a great concern for all the homeowners. uPVC windows were standing on the verge to challenge the performance, life, durability, costing, and aesthetics of a century-old product which was wood. There were few things that made uPVC windows popular in the market.

Factors Behind uPVC Popularity


The design options available in uPVC doors & windows were much more attractive and useful with respect to the available options of wood. Many designs were not possible in wood, such as sliding doors & windows, lift and slide, slide and fold.


Since the uPVC windows were properly designed by designers, the performance achieved was much higher than that of wood. Many new tests came to the market; this was the first time that windows were exposed to so many tests, such as checking windows against wind speed, noise insulation, air tightness, water tightness, etc.


Although wooden windows had much life, there was no warranty or guarantee of the product. One could only take a guarantee of the wood used, such as pine wood, mango wood, teak, etc. No one was ready to take a guarantee of the workmanship. In uPVC windows, the company was ready to give a warranty on their products. The warranty of uPVC windows varies from company to company, 10 years to 20 years.


Wood color was the only option available in wooden windows. uPVC windows came with a new charming & energetic white color, which was accepted a lot by homeowners, architects, and builders. False wood finish was also available in uPVC windows.

Factory made

Earlier, all windows were made in small workshops. uPVC windows started their fabrication in the factory, which makes it more reliable and trustworthy. If we hear the word factory, then it gives us a feeling that the product is being made by experts. There must be proper quality check at every interval & PDI (Pre-dispatch inspection) test before dispatch, which makes it a QA approved product.

Glass options

Earlier in wooden windows, single normal annealed glass was the only option, but in uPVC windows, it stepped to the next level & introduced new glasses to the market, also known as toughened, DGU & Laminated glasses. If you want to know more, you can read our blogs at All Types Of Window Glass Based On Usage, Strength And Thickness.


The aesthetics of uPVC windows were much more stylish and appealing than wooden windows because of the sightline of the product. Since the product was mostly white in color, it enhanced the beauty of the house or facade as well.


Earlier, carpenters were deprived of facilities due to which making wooden windows in big volumes was really a tough task for them. Once uPVC windows came to the market, then since it was factory-made accordingly the production volume started raising up. On one hand, if a carpenter can make 4-7 windows in a day on the other hand machines can make 50-80 windows in a day.

Green building or Energy efficient products

Wood was the basic raw material available for wooden windows, which comes from trees & giving birth to the greenhouse effect. uPVC windows were the first of its kind windows which were registered under the green building concept. It means if you install these windows, you are contributing towards the reduction of carbon footprints in India.

Unveiling the Rise: uPVC Windows - How It Became Popular

Best available option

Slowly, the availability of uPVC windows became very easy because of emerging many new players, availability of the product in the market, new trend, competition among the players to serve with the best quality & competitive prices.

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