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Types of Windows & Doors: A Comprehensive Guide

Types of Windows & Doors: A Comprehensive Guide

Hello, readers! TGF welcomes you to another fascinating blog on types of windows & doors. This blog has covered all the relevant information about various types of windows & doors. If you want to know anything more related to types of doors or windows, you can contact us, and we will surely assist you with our knowledge and experience.

In our last blogs, we have already covered in detail what windows are and what doors are separately. Now let’s take a deep dive into types of windows.

When selecting doors or windows for your house, one should be very well aware of the available types of windows & doors. Broadly, there are two categories of windows: sliding (where the panel slides on some track) & casement (where the panel swings on the frame).

Sliding Windows or Doors

Let’s first understand what we mean by the term sliding windows or doors. Basically, if the panel or sash slides on the track, which is usually built into the frame, then these types of windows are called sliding windows or doors.

Types of Windows & Doors: A Comprehensive Guide
Types of Windows & Doors: A Comprehensive Guide

The best part of these types of windows is that they do not need space on both sides of windows or doors, so for less space & better outside view, we must choose these windows or doors.

In this category of sliding windows, there can be many design combinations such as 2 panels on 2 tracks, which is normally called 2T2P, or 4 panels sliding on 2 tracks usually called 2T4P, or 3 panels sliding on 3 tracks also called 3T3P, or 6 panels sliding on 3 tracks also called 3T6P, or 4 panels sliding on 4 tracks also called 4T4P & lastly, 8 panels sliding on 4 tracks also called 4T8P.

The second type in the same category can be lift and slide, so as the term says, the panel will be lifted first & then it will slide.

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Working Mechanism of Sliding System

In sliding doors, the entire mechanism of sliding works on the bottom track with tracks fitted on bottom tracks & rollers in sash. Whereas in lift and slide, the entire mechanism works on the upper track because the sash is supposed to be lifted first & then it slides. The size limitation of lift and slide is much more than that of sliders. It means we can make bigger panels in lift and slide. For example, if you have a bigger aperture, usually more than 20 ft in width, then instead of making it into 6 panels in sliding doors, it’s better to make it into lift & slide in two panels.

Casement Windows or Doors

A window that operates on hinges is known as a casement window or door. These types of windows or doors need space on both sides so as to operate them.

Types of Windows & Doors: A Comprehensive Guide
Types of Windows & Doors: A Comprehensive Guide

Depending on the location of hinges or absence of hinges, it can be further classified into six different types. Such as fix window, single openable window, double openable window, tilt & turn, slide and fold or bifold, awning or top hung etc. Let’s take each type one by one.

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Fix window

As the term says, it will be fixed and will have no mechanism to open or close. It can only be made in window format, not a door, since it is being fixed on the cill not on the floor.

Single/Double openable window

This window operates on hinges fixed on one side of the frame. The number of hinges will depend on the size of the window. It may consist of a single panel or double panel. It can be made in both a door or window depending on the size required & needed. We have made one dedicated blog explaining the difference between door and window. You can refer to that blog for further details.

Tilt & Turn window

As the term says, it performs two actions, one it acts like a normal casement window & performs a swing movement whereas at night once you have good weather outside then just close the window, turn the handle in the upward direction & the window will tilt towards you. This feature is mostly for ventilation purposes only, along with the fact that it is not recommended for houses where there are chances of intrusion.

Types of Windows & Doors: A Comprehensive Guide

Slide and Fold

The last category in this segment is slide and fold or bi-fold. In these types of doors one can cover big openings usually 20-30 ft in width & 10-12 ft in height. It can be made in various combinations starting from 4 panels to 16 panels; few companies can also make panels in odd numbers such as 3 panels, 5 panels etc.

Types of Windows & Doors: A Comprehensive Guide

This slide n fold can be operated from all three sides such as left, right & centre it depends on what design the person has opted for. It is basically a hybrid system in which the panels perform both actions i.e slide and then fold. Few companies possess such a good system which can suffice all your needs.

In these types of slide and fold systems, we get an opening of close to 100%. Usually casement systems of most of the companies are costlier than sliding systems so they must be selected very wisely. Few companies say that sound reduction is always better in casement doors or windows than sliding doors or windows; this is not completely true. Some companies do have similar sound reduction in sliding doors & windows as in casement systems.

The mechanism of sound reduction is achieved by interlocking features, which comes at the interlocking position of both sashes. Sealing by gasket is always better than a wool pile.

Types of Windows & Doors: A Comprehensive Guide
Types of Windows & Doors: A Comprehensive Guide

But again we would like to highlight that sliding systems of few companies deliver similar or in fact better noise reduction than casement systems because sealing in those sliding systems is being achieved by gaskets; you just need to be vigilant enough while selecting doors or windows & also must know the total types of doors & windows available in the market.

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Founder, TGF

Founder, TGF

Founder, TGF

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