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Sound Proof Glass for Windows: Which Glass is Best?

Sound Proof Glass for Windows: Which Glass is Best?

Hello, readers! TGF welcomes you to another informative blog on glass. This blog covers all detailed information about the concept of sound proof glass for windows, which glass is best for every room of your house. If you want to know anything more related to types of doors or windows, you can contact us, and we will surely assist you with the best of our knowledge and experience.

Concept of Sound proof Glass for Windows

Sound Proof Glass for Windows: Which Glass is Best?

It is a bitter truth that to achieve success, there are three things which are very important – Skill, dedication & peace of mind. If you have skills & you want to dedicate yourself to making the best out of it.

We are here to help you in attaining peace of mind just by selecting perfect windows for your house. Now there is one more important parameter that plays a major role apart from Windows: “Glass.” Since glass has a larger surface area, that’s why it contributes a lot to soundproofing. Just to correct it, there is no proper soundproofing in windows, there is only sound insulation.

Because there are many sounds whose sound can only be reduced by some decibels (dB), but you will hear that sound for sure, such as a train horn, factory hooter, ambulance sound, police siren, etc. These sounds are also known as emergency sounds and are meant to be heard.

Which Glass is Best for Every Room of Your House?

As per our last blog on Types of Windows & Doors: A Comprehensive Guide
Where we have discussed how to select the best windows for your house specific to every room. Similarly, here we will try to explain the best glass for every room of your house. We can typically divide the complete house into six categories –

a. Bedroom Glass Options

This is the place where we spend most of our time & wish to be in a relaxed state. There are two major requirements for the bedroom: one is sound insulation & second is safety. Better sound insulation is required so that we can get quiet sleep.

For sound insulation, it’s better that we should go for a Double glazed unit with differential thickness such as 26 mm (6 mm + 12 mm air gap + 8 mm) or laminated glass such as 13.52 mm (6 mm + 1.52 mm PVB + 6 mm) glass. For safety purposes, we can use laminated glass again.

b. Living Room Glass Considerations

Here in the Living room only sound insulation is the major requirement along with this. Homeowners sometimes need bigger panels to enjoy the view outside their windows or doors so here it’s better if we go for laminated glass than DGU Glass.

c. Kitchen Solutions

Only single toughened glass is good enough for kitchen windows. Normally in the kitchen, either we use awning windows or casement windows, so they perform best with single toughened glass.

Yes, definitely if there is a concern of direct heat then you can go for performance glass also known as Low-E glass with different shades such as green or blue reflective. Point to be noted here is that the shade of glass must not ruin the beauty of your facade outside.

d. Study Room Glass Alternatives

If the house owner wants to spend more, then better to go for acoustic PVB & make it laminated glass, definitely it is a costly affair but if he/she wants to have an economical solution than 12 mm toughened glass is a better option. Again, DGU in differential thickness can also be one of the alternatives.

e. Kids Room: Safety, Coziness, and Sound Insulation

Sound Proof Glass for Windows: Which Glass is Best?

Over here, the demand of the house owner shoots like anything because it is a matter now of their kids. In this, all three issues are a major concern which is heat, sound & safety. Because you want your kids’ room to be very cozy, safe & with better sound insulation.

We would suggest going for laminated glass with one glass as performance glass & another as normal one. For ex.- 6 mm st167 + 1.52 mm PVB + 6 mm heat strengthened.

f. Washroom Glass: Simplicity and Functionality

Similar to the kitchen over here better for single toughened glass & that too in thickness of 5 mm or 6 mm maximum. There is neither any need for any DGU/Laminated glass in this window nor performance glass.

Although we have made one detailed blog on glass, if you wish to know more you can read that blog All Types Of Window Glass Based On Usage, Strength, And Thickness.

Get in Touch: Let’s Talk Doors and Windows

Please let us know if you need assistance in buying or selecting windows or doors for your house. You can write to us at to learn more interesting facts. We will be more than happy to serve you.

Founder, TGF

Founder, TGF

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