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What is a Sliding Window?


This blog has covered all the relevant information about Sliding windows. Here, We have explained the definition, design, benefits, performance & cost of a sliding window in the simplest form for you to understand it properly. If you want to know anything related to sliding windows, you can contact us, and we will surely assist you with our knowledge and experience. 

Definition Of A Sliding Window

 If a panel slides on a track, then it is known as a Sliding window. There can be multiple tracks & multiple panels depending upon the design selected. Windows are usually mounted on the cill. In sliders, we can get two types of openings, either 50% or 66%, depending upon the design selected.

Design Of A Sliding Window

There can be multiple design options for how many tracks you have selected. There are majorly three types of offerings available in the market: two channels, three tracks & four tracks. As we advance, we can put panels in combinatorics, like two tracks with either two or four panels, similarly three tracks with either three or six panels, and so on.

An additional option of putting a mesh panel is also feasible. Every design gives you a different type of opening. Let’s make it straightforward for you by taking this example, if you have a space of 3 meters in width, then let’s take up each design one by one. If you put a sliding window of 2 tracks with two panels, you will get 50% opening, i.e., 1.5 meters, whereas if we select the sliding window with three ways & 3 panels, then we get 66% opening, i.e., two meters.

In the above scenario, must be taken care of two essential points. One is the maximum possible width & second is price impact. Before proceeding with the negotiation, please check the full width possible in panels with the company & material of the window you are dealing with. Three track system is always costlier than 2 track. So need to select wisely whether you want to compromise on opening size or cost. Four-track systems are not so readily used. It needs big sizes.

One more design is quite popular and helpful for bigger apertures and is commonly known as SFS or X-2X-X. In this design, the extreme glasses on both left and right sides of the window are of the same size, whereas the glass in the center will be double the width of the extreme glasses. Opting for this design brings down the overall cost of the window.

Again to make it simpler for you, let’s take one example. If you have a bigger opening of 4 meters in width & you are willing to use the SFS design, then the sizes of the panel will come out as sliding panels of 1 meter each on the extreme left & right side, whereas the center fixed panel will be two-meter wide.

Benefits Of A Sliding Window

Sliding Windows are always the best fit for any aperture made on a cill, it takes less space, give an excellent scenic view, and look very clean & minimalist in the overall look of the product. Nowadays, most of the products inside any house consist of sliders, be it an apartment or bungalow.

There are two reasons – One, it takes significantly less space in width, maximum of 4-5 inches, and secondly, it looks very minimalist and gives an edge to your facade. In fact, only some companies offer systems where the panel is concealed inside the frame.

As a result, the overall product looks very subtle. There is one strong reason behind the popularity which it got in the last 20 odd years is the cost. It is cheaper with respect to the casement system & comes at very soothing rates to the entire cartel, whether it is a builder, customer, or architect.

Performance Of A Sliding Window

All the sliding systems available in the market come with many performance features such as transmitting lights, fenestration, noise reduction, stopping leakage of air & water, & resistance towards wind load. You have to identify your requirements, and then you must proceed with product or brand selection. Every company has all types of systems & accordingly, values of these performance parameters vary.

Costing Of A Sliding Window

Costing of sliding windows ranges from 600 to 3000 Rs. Per sqft. Costing of the sliders depends on the material of the product, brand, size of the product & glass selected. On average, we can use glass starting from 5 mm in thickness & can go up to 32 mm. 

If you need any assistance in buying or selecting windows or doors for your house, do let us know.

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Founder, TGF

Founder, TGF

Founder, TGF

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