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What Is the Difference Between Door & Window: Unveiling Distinctions in Design, Application, and More

What Is the Difference Between Door & Window

This blog has covered all the relevant information about the difference between doors and windows. Here, we have explained the difference on the basis of three different categories. If you want to know anything more related to doors or windows, then you can contact us, and we will surely assist you with our knowledge and experience.


Customers who are going to buy doors or windows for their house can hardly make a difference between a door and a window. But there are many differences between doors and windows. We have tried to explain the difference in a very simple way. Let’s understand the difference between doors and windows in three different categories:

Exploring Design & Style

One cannot distinguish between doors and windows based on sizes only because nowadays many companies offer windows in the sizes of doors.

Normally, in windows, the size of one panel ranges between 300 mm – 750 mm in width, whereas in height, it ranges between 500 mm – 1800 mm. In doors, the size of one panel starts from 500 mm and goes up to 750 mm in width, whereas in height, it starts from 1800 mm and goes up to 3000 mm normally.

The height of casement doors usually goes up to a height of 2700 mm, whereas in a slider, it can go up to 3600 mm also. Sizes of windows or doors may vary based on the offerings in the market by respective companies.

If we consider the looks, then definitely one can easily make a difference between doors and windows because of the difference in width and thickness of the profile. While if we check it technically, then the profiles used in doors are heavier and thicker in design than those of windows.

In a few companies, the style, look, and quality of doors are quite different or heavier from windows. The locking mechanism is almost common in both doors and windows; broadly, there are two options: a single-point lock or a multi-point lock. One can get both options of a single-point lock and a multi-point lock in both doors and windows. Also, most of the time, the door comes with an option of a door closer for self-closing of the panel, whereas windows are equipped with an option called friction stay.

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Application Differences

Application plays a major role in understanding the difference between the selection of doors and windows. Doors are mostly used for access purposes, i.e., going from one side to another side of the opening. That is the reason the doors come with handles on both sides, whereas windows come with handles on only one side.

Windows are mostly used for fenestration purposes and better accessibility of visual lights. Additionally, mesh can be installed in both doors and windows. The combination of both doors and windows gives a good look to the facade.

The locking mechanism is available only in doors, not in windows. Since doors give you access to go from one side to another side, therefore, in order to maintain the security of your premises, a key lock remains in demand. A key lock is not possible in windows.

Fixing Location Matters

Doors are always fixed directly on the floor, whereas windows are fixed on the sill (a position approximately 3 to 4 ft above from ground level). The selection of handle position is very critical while selecting windows.

Usually, handles are fixed in the center of the windows. Let me explain it through one example – just assume the height of the sill is 3 feet and the height of the window is 5 feet so as per the rule handle will come in the center of the window which is at 2.5 feet; henceforth, the handle will be placed at the total height of 5.5 feet, which is quite difficult to operate for any person.

In such cases, we must inform the sales personnel about the required height of the handle which can be lowered down while placing the order of the windows.

Wise Selection and Considerations

There can be a few cases where companies or salespeople will recommend using windows in place of doors or vice versa. Do select them wisely because in the same aperture the cost of windows will be quite different from that of doors. Also, wind load is a major deciding factor for this selection.


“Windows or doors are the only part of your house which allows rays of happiness to come inside your house and make it enlighten.”

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Founder, TGF

Founder, TGF

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