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What Are The 5 Main Benefits Of Windows In Your House?

What Are The 5 Main Benefits Of Windows In Your House?

As written in our earlier blogs, we have written brief details about the importance of windows in your house. Henceforth this blog covers in more detail: What are the 5 main benefits of windows in your house? Broadly there are five benefits of having windows in your home. Let’s cover every use one by one:-

1. Proper Sunlight Inside Your House

Getting sunlight in your place is essential in every respect, whether it is Vastu, the look of the building & most important retention of positive energy inside your home. If windows are in the correct place, sunlight is welcome inside your house. It is also crucial for the health of family members, plants & pets. It becomes the most vital part of your daily routine during winter, just sitting in the cozy warmth of sun rays.

When we can’t imagine just one day without sunlight on earth, without these beneficial sun rays in our house, install windows and doors in the correct position so you can enjoy proper sunlight.

2. Proper Fenestration Or Ventilation, Better If It Can Be Controlled

Ventilation is again an essential need of every house and can only be maintained through doors & windows. Places where improper ventilation leads to hazardous health issues, especially in damp areas. All your doors or windows must be equipped to manage or control ventilation in your house. In regions with no rain problem, if the family goes outside for some vacation and the house remains locked for that period, there is no air circulation. It leads to the generation of a typical foul or pungent smell inside the house.

When the family members come back, the first activity they do after reaching home is to open all doors & windows of your house until the entire air gets circulated & becomes normal to breathe. There are few companies nowadays who offer ventilation slots in their windows & you can open them if going out for some vacation. They are also safe from intrusion since they are not visible to anyone outside the house.

3. Better Noise Reduction As Per Need

Controlling noise through windows or doors was not possible in the 20th Century, but now in the 21st Century, you can control the amount of noise coming just outside your windows. There are majorly five sources of noise generation that we see in our daily routine, i.e., honking, bell sound of factory or school, Park, train horn, and aircraft take-off or landing. However, casement has better dealing than sliders and can reduce the number of decibels inside your house. On average human ear can hear from -15 to 80 decibels. If sound reaches above 80 dB & human ear hears it for a prolonged time, then it may cause damage to your ears. Usually, windows can reduce 15 – 40 dB depending upon the design & type of glass used.

Usually, it is tough to reduce more decibels coming from train horns or aircraft; they can only reduce by a few decibels because of low-frequency sound waves. While buying windows & glasses for your house, make sure that the salesperson is aware of the location of your home and nearby objects around you, such as parks, railway tracks, or airports. Do select your windows wisely.

4. Must Be Able To Manage Air Tightness

The sound of whistling which comes through any window or door is called air tightness of that window: the lesser the value, the better the product. Air tightness is measurable in m3 per hour per meter square. If the window is perfectly sealed, it will not allow air to pass through it. This usually happens during times of heavy wind pressure. Any air leakage also brings dust & dirt along with it. So, while buying windows for your house, check its air tightness as it should be minimum. ASTM is the testing method to measure air tightness in any windows.

5. Water Tightness

Proper water tightness in any window is significant because it shows the quality of the brand you have brought. If there is leakage in any window or door, it indicates leakage, bringing water inside your house. Good brands come with perfect sealing at corners & good values of water tightness. This water tightness problem is mostly more prominent in windows because they are fixed on the sill, and the problem of leakage comes through it. The flatness of the aperture is very much required on a sill to avoid water leakage. 

Please let us know if you need assistance buying or selecting windows or doors for your house.

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Founder, TGF

Founder, TGF

Founder, TGF

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